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Pressureless Combiner Conveyor

Liquid beverage handling product experience includes beer, wine, water, nutritional drinks and juice. Chantec’s engineering teams are adept at handling round bottle shapes, as well as challenging bottle shapes including tapered bottles, non-round bottles and thin walled bottle containers.

The modular design of the Chantec bottle conveyor systems and single liners with adjustable side guides ensures a high degree of flexibility, efficient bottle flow. Technical details, high quality materials, variable standard sections and a solid manufacturing in own hand according to Chantec standards ensures a high degree of reliability for your system.

The Pressure less Combiner uses multiple belts and carefully calculated chain speeds in order to put products and containers into single files. There is no back pressure using this combining method which prevents scratching, denting and breakage of the label and the container.

Another advantage of pressure less combining is that no rail adjustment is needed with product changeover. In fact, the Pressure less Combiner can be used to handle a variety of products ranging from plastic industrial containers, non-round containers and hard-to-handle containers. Guide rail systems are designed to customer specifications and conveying product requirements.

Pressure less combining systems are utilized to convert mass flow product transport to single file transport, with minimum back pressure.  The use of variable speed chains provide gentle handling for glass or unstable containers.