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Pop Up Transfer

Each product requires its own special conveying technique. Chantec’s conveyor systems have been in use for years in areas where the average conveyor would hardly have a chance. The moving of heavy pallets with a multitude of different dimensions or with unstable loads are not a special matter but just part of the daily routine for us.

While occupying minimal floor space, conveyors for pallets automatically move, accumulate, and distribute stored items to specific locations within your warehouse using a series of conveyor components.

Pop up Transfers are used to lift and transfer heavy loads at right angles to a conveyor. Transfer stays lowered for product to pass over until needed.   Pneumatic bellows are used to lift the chain conveyor sub-frame above the rollers to allow right angle movement.

Pallets change orientation through a pop up transfer from Short Side Leading (SSL) to Long Side Leading (LSL), or visa versa.