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Driven Roller Rail

Each product requires its own special conveying technique. Chantec’s conveyor systems have been in use for years in areas where the average conveyor would hardly have a chance. The moving of heavy pallets with a multitude of different dimensions or with unstable loads are not a special matter but just part of the daily routine for us.

While occupying minimal floor space, conveyors for pallets automatically move, accumulate, and distribute stored items to specific locations within your warehouse using a series of conveyor components.

Typical of conveyor systems, roller conveyors enable pallets to be moved in the same direction as pallet runners. Due to its simplicity and range of available sizes, they bring about excellent reliability in all working environments.    

Standard Interroll rollers are used with duplex sprockets, with chain looped from one roller to the next.  This ensures good wrap on the sprocket and no chain slip.  Close pitch roller positioning allows the conveyor to be used for empty pallets or loaded pallets up to 1.7 ton

Roller pallet modules are recommended for forklift entry points and where pallet accumulation is needed.