Welcome to Chantec Manufacturing

Chantec Manufacturing cc specialises in bottling line layout design, the manufacturing and installation of conveyors aswell as line equipment. Over its 30 years of existence it has developed a reputation for robust equipment and innovative designs.
It supplies bottle, crate, carton and pallet conveyors to customers throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Chantec first began providing quality conveyor systems over thirty years ago. Initially a manufacturing arm of Seitz which later became KHS before a management buyout formed an independent company.

Chantec was based upon the commitment to provide customers with high quality manufacturing and outstanding service. This principle is the cornerstone that drives Chantec to improve customer support by supplying only the finest quality conveyors. Chantec positions itself to be a high quality supplier with products that are robust and easy to maintain. The best quality imported components, and a heavier structure is used compared to most competitors...

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